Broadway Bound (9+)

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance: Ages 9+

This musical theatre dance class will give students the foundation they need to start becoming serious musical theatre dancers. Technique will be drawn from ballet, tap, and jazz, and choreographed numbers will come from our students’ favorite musicals. Jazz shoes and activewear are required. Dance students will perform in our Winter Showcase at the end of each semester. Can’t make the performance? No problem. We still want you to dance with us!

Tuition: $375.00, or $93.75/month for four months

Acting On Camera: Ages 10-16

Lights…camera…ACTION! This class will teach students the fundamentals of acting for the camera. We will learn the practical and professional considerations actors make on film by filming our very own movie! Acting On Camera students will not perform in our Winter Showcase…instead, we will host a screening of our film at the end of the semester.

Tuition: $450.00, or $112.50/month for four months

Advanced Improv: Ages 10-14

This class is all improv, all the time! Students will learn a variety of techniques and principles unique to improv, and each class is sure to end in hilarity. This class is offered right between our two scripted acting classes, so it would be a great opportunity for our actors to double up! Our Strictly Improv students will perform a completely improvised selection in our Spring Showcase at the end of the semester. Can’t make the performance? No problem. We still want you to improvise with us!

Tuition: $375.00, or $93.75/month for four months

Monologue and Scene Study: Ages 12+

This class is just for teens, looking for more rigorous acting training with their peers. The first half of the semester will be spent working on a comedic and dramatic monologue for each student. These will be great to have for future auditions! The latter half of the semester will be spent on multi-person scenes. Students will dive deep on character development, script analysis, and audition techniques. Our teen actors will perform their scenes in our Winter Showcase.

Tuition: $375.00, or $93.75/month for four months

Into The Woods: Ages 11-16

This is what it’s all about…musicals! Come participate in a fully staged musical just for Broadway Bound kids. We will hold auditions on the first day of classes, cast the show during the week, and our second day of class will be the start of our rehearsal process! Each “class” is a rehearsal. We will perform our show at the end of the semester. Attendance is very important, since everyone has an important role to play in making our show great. **PLEASE NOTE** We will ask our actors to attend 2-3 longer Saturday rehearsals. These dates will be sent out at the beginning of the semester in September.

Tuition: $450.00, or $112.50/month for four months

Private Voice Lessons

Miss Jenna has a limited number of available slots open for private voice lessons for all ages. Please email her at to inquire about private lessons.

Tuition: $600, or $50 per 30-minute lesson

If your kiddo would feel more comfortable starting lessons with a friend or you are interested in a more affordable option, we can also accommodate semi-private lessons for up to three students.

Tuition: $420.00, or $35 per 30-minute lesson. Rates are per student.