Summer Camps

Camp registration is OPEN!!!

**Please note, prices are determined by session length.  Price variations are due to differences in the amount of programming offered.**

A Musical SPOOOOOOKtacular!

**WAITLIST ONLY** Halloween is coming early this year, with our spooky, scary, Musical Spooooooktacular!  In this camp, we will perform a scripted, cabaret-style revue of our favorite Halloween movies and musicals.  Campers will audition on the first day of camp, and will be cast in a variety of songs, dance numbers, and scenes.  We will perform our show (in costume, of course!) for family and friends on the last day of camp.  We will pull material from movies and musicals such as Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Wicked, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and SO much more!!  PLEASE NOTE, all material used in the show will be appropriately kid-friendly, but we may pull from movies or musicals with mature themes. 

Wednesday, 5/29 – Friday, 6/14 (2.5 weeks)

9am – 3pm


Disney Song And Dance Camp

Due to popular demand, Disney Song And Dance is making a comeback from last summer! This camp is for all of our littlest friends who want to sing, dance, and act.  Each day of camp will be themed to a different Disney film, and each camp day will consist of arts and crafts, choreography, singing activities, and acting games!  This is a great place to develop skills and build confidence for our bigger kid camps and classes.  Each one-week session will be different, so feel free to sign up for as many as you’d like!

Session 1: Monday, 6/17 – Friday, 6/21 **WAITLIST ONLY**

Session 2: Monday, 7/29 – Friday, 8/2 **WAITLIST ONLY**

Session 3: Monday, 8/5 – Friday, 8/9 **WAITLIST ONLY**

9am – 12:30pm

Ages 4-6

$250 per session

Songwriting Camp

Join us for a NOYT first…a camp JUST for songwriting! In this camp, we will learn the basics of writing complete songs, from chord progressions to lyric composition, from professional New Orleans musicians. Songs can be written in any genre of music, not just musical theatre! Friends and family are welcome to join us on the last day of camp, when we will perform our songs with a live backing band!

Monday, 6/17 – Friday, 6/21 (1 week)

1pm – 4pm

Ages 8-13


Acting, Improv, and Puppetry Camp

Join us for a camp that’s ALL about ACTING!  Well, acting…and puppets. In this camp, we will make time for scene work, improvisation, and puppetry every single day!  We will create our own puppets, and perform a partially scripted, partially improvised puppet play for family and friends on the last day of camp!  We hope students will learn never to underestimate the power of the puppet in creating theatre magic! No one will be required to sing or dance in this show.  Please note, we DO hold camp on July 4th!

Monday, 6/24 – Friday, 7/5 (2 weeks)

9am – 3pm

Ages 7-13



**WAITLIST ONLY** In this camp, we will audition, cast, rehearse, and perform an adaptation of the movie Tangled!  The process will be just like one of our mainstage musicals, but fast tracked.  We will perform our show in a theatre on the last day of camp!  This camp is sure to leave campers wonderin’, and wonderin’, and wonderin’, and wonderin’ WHEN will the next show begin?!  

Monday, 7/8 – Friday, 7/26 (3 weeks)

9am – 3pm

Ages 7-13


Audition Boot Camp

Join us for a session that will help you ace every musical theatre audition! We will learn how to create polished musical theatre resumes, pose for headshots with a professional photographer, create a customized 16 bar audition cut, learn tips and tricks for surviving a dance call, learn about cold readings, and more! On the last day of camp, we will hold mock auditions with a professional casting director who will watch students sing, dance, and act. We will finish mock auditions with individualized feedback for each camper, and a Q&A with our casting director.

Monday, 7/29 – Friday, 8/2 (1 week)

1pm – 4pm

Ages 10+

$275 tuition + $100 headshot fee (includes 1 digital image file and 5 printed copies of a resume + headshot combo)